Thursday, March 06, 2014

Going wild with Essential Oils - Clary Sage

Next up on my essential oil adventure: Clary Sage!

*see disclaimer at the bottom of this post, thank you!*

Clary Sage helps with so many hormonal issues, it's been quite a find for me. After reading about the different things it could help with, I ordered some, and have been pleasantly surprised at the issues it has improved for me.

While it was on my list to try, the thing that moved it to the top of the list was finding out that it could help a stalled labor kick into gear and help strengthen contractions. Since my oldest daughter is imminently due with her first child, and stalled labor was a huge problem for me, I thought she might like to have some of this on hand when she went to the hospital. I'll report back on that one, if she decides to use it. (If the baby EVER comes...;)

I have been on a diuretic and hormone supplement for a number of years due to having wild palpitations if I don't take them. I have now been able to cut out the supplement! If I start having any kind of palpitation, I put a little of this on my inner wrist, and they stop immediately. Huh! I'm going to talk to the doc about cutting back on the diuretic to see how I do without that.

I also deal with ovarian cysts. When I had a cyst flare up the other day, I put some Clary Sage on a cotton ball, and swiped it over the painful area. It seemed to help settle things down. 

As if that were not enough, this oil has finally helped me to SLEEP at night! Insomnia is a tricky foe. Just when you think you have it beat, there it is again, keeping you company all night long. Grrr. This oil can be taken internally, and is recommended that way for insomnia. However, I can't stand the taste of it. Blech. I only do that when absolutely necessary. For every day use, I have a spray bottle on my bedside stand (less than $1 at Walmart) that I filled with 1 oz of water, 20 drops of Lavender Oil and 20 drops of Clary Sage Oil. At bed time, I spritz it on my throat and upper chest, and in moments I am peacefully headed off to sleep. I normally can't get my brain to shut off, so this is such a blessed relief!

Here's what doTerra's beginner's guide has to say about Clary Sage.

(Use with caution during pregnancy. Not for babies. May enhance the effect of alcoholic beverages.)
~Helps regulate periods. Eases cramps and backache. Apply to ankles, lower abdomen, and lower back.
~Eases depression, tension, anxiety, boosts self-esteem, confidence, hope. Diffuse or apply to feet.
~Helps increase breast milk supply. Apply to top of breast once a day.
~Helps deal with body odor. Apply to affected area.
~Balances hormones. Apply to abdomen.
~Uterine health.
~Helps insect bites. Apply to affected area.
~Hot flashes. Apply to ankles nightly.
~Insomnia. Place up to 3 drops under tongue at bedtime.

You can do more research on this and other oils at You can search by oils, symptoms or diagnosis. You can order oils at

I'll be back soon with more about our adventures with essential oils.
Blessings from my healthy home to yours!

Leni's disclaimers.
~I am NOT a doctor. 
~I do not have a medical degree of any kind.
~I am not dispensing medical advice. 
~I am a mom with a family that has numerous medical issues.
~My husband and I have been researching alternative medicine for about 17 years. 
~Western medicine failed us, repeatedly, and we had to look elsewhere. 
~Desperate times, desperate measures. Praise God. 
~I am simply sharing what we have experienced, take it or leave it. 
~There are AMAZING alternative practitioners out there. Go find one. Or two. Or five. We have three that we depend on and go to for treatment, advice and training on a regular basis. 

More upfront information.
~Yes, indeed, I sell essential oils. doTERRA Essential Oils, to be exact. Not because I need the money, because I love the oils.
~I suppose, in theory, I can make a profit. I haven't, but I could. I'm ok with that, but it's not my goal.
~If you know anything about me, I don't endorse anything I don't believe in 100%. 

~If the fact that I represent the company bothers you, I apologize, really. But it is what it is. I wouldn't endorse the company if I didn't think it was the best. There may be other great companies out there. I just don't represent them, so I don't know their stuff, therefore I can't endorse them. I don't talk down about other companies. I think it's low-class, and if you have a great product, you don't need to attack anyone else. Just do what you know. It's who I am. ;o)