Saturday, April 15, 2006

Baked French Toast

For Debbie B...

1 large loaf of bread (the drier, the better)
12 eggs
2 cups of milk, give or take
Sugar (to taste, 1/2 cup is a good place to start) or pancake syrup
1/2 brick of cream cheese
vanilla or maple flavoring
blueberries or other fruit, optional

Chunk the bread and place half in 13x9 pan. Chunk the cream cheese into small squares, layer over bread, put your layer of fruit, if using, and top with the rest of the bread chunks.

In a bowl, combine eggs, milk, sweetener, flavoring. Mix well, pour over bread. Cover with foil and refrigerate overnight.

Pull out 1/2 and hour before baking, uncover and bake for about one hour at 350, test for doneness. (If you forget to pull it out early, extend the baking time a bit.)

You can top with fruit, syrup, powdered sugar, whatever you like.

I also add coconut sometimes. It's very versatile.

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