Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What is Leni Cooking This Week?

Nothing! Probably not actually nothing, but it feels that way. I did put some Salisbury steaks in the crock pot yesterday, but I was completely unimpressed by it, so it doesn't count. ;o)

I am probably calling on my back up to bring home a roasted chicken tonight. My days are filled with wedding plans and wedding projects. Lists and phone calls and emails. Shots of adrenaline as I remember a fine detail that was missed. Panic as I realize a self-imposed deadline has passed. And yet, we're still having fun. ;o)

It might have been much easier to hire someone to do all of this for us, but it has been a precious time of working with my daughter and our sweet friends who are helping us. Great memories being built here!

I will resume posting recipes about mid-September. Meanwhile, you get to hear about wedding food and wedding plans and anything else wedding related that I find the time to bore you with! ;o)

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  1. Silly me! I cooked a bunch of stuff last week. We hare having pulled pork BBQ Nachos for dinner. Woohoo!