Friday, September 14, 2012

Wedding Update

Well, we survived! The wedding was amazing. The weather was not. Damaging winds. Tornadoes (thankfully in Buffalo, but enough to panic everyone who was watching the weather.) We were not watching the weather, we were too busy transforming our venue.

It started as this.

After many hours, and a lot of hard work from some of the best friends in the whole world, we morphed it into my daughter's dream wedding location. They were supposed to get married outside at this spot.

It had rained ALL day. Pouring, blowing winds, cold, nasty...but the weatherman assured us it would all be over at 2pm, 4 at the latest. The clouds cleared, the sun came out, and the guys set up the above location. At about 5:40 pm, this beautiful shot was taken. At 5:45 pm, it started pouring again! We gave up all hope and moved to plan C.

We had our guests sit down at their spots for the reception and had the wedding there. Daddy walked her down the isle (he's kind of blocked by the bride here.) Pastor Dave Akers was the officiating pastor.

Pastor Zatkiewicz gave a wonderful message.

They did manage to get outside for some pics after the wedding. They all had a great time.

You'd be amazed how hard it was to get the six of us together for ONE shot! My happy family.

 The deliriously happy couple in front of the cake table. We had individual pumpkin cheesecakes and an apple strudel cheesecake on top for them to cut and feed each other.

It was a gorgeous day that wore me out more than I could have imagined. I'd do it all over again though, it was all worth it!

By the way, don't look for a recipe from me on Monday. I still have a house full of wedding stuff to sort!!

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