Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mocha Latte Syrup

One day of warm weather, and I'm already thinking of cold drinks!  Iced Mochas, Cherry Berry Chillers, Frozen Lemonade...mmmmm.... I have a goal to not blow all my free money on fast food icy drinks this summer, so I dug out an old recipe we whipped up years ago when we wanted to have a treat without all the nasties in it. Back in those days, getting ahold of food dye or artificial flavors would mean days of chaos in our home, so I wasn't taking any chances! These days, I'm glad I can make it decaf as caffeine makes my heart go pitter pat in a most unnerving way. ;o)

Since I had the handy dandy squeeze bottle left over from the wedding coffee bar, I whipped up a double batch and filled it up. You can see how much is missing since I made it a week ago. I did NOT use all that myself! I still have teens in the house, you know.

 Here is our Mocha Latte all dressed up with whipped cream. 

Leni's Notes:
~Super easy. Just don't let it boil over.
~Might be interesting with some different extracts. Coconut? Hazelnut for a Nutella flavor?

3/4 C Raw Sugar
1/3 C cocoa powder
1/4 C instant decaf coffee crystals
1/2 C water
1 T vanilla
Whipped Cream, optional

~Combine sugar, cocoa and coffee in a pan.
~Whisk together until completely mixed.
~Add water, whisk until combined.
~Bring to a boil, lower temp and let simmer for 1-2 minutes. 
Be careful not to let it boil over, it can happen very quickly.
~Remove from heat, add vanilla and stir.
~When cool, pour into a container.
~Does not require refrigeration unless it's not going to get used up in a month or so.
~To serve, mix 2 Tablespoons of syrup into a glass of milk, adjust to suit your tastes.
~If you want to dress it up, pipe some whipped cream on top. (But it's kind of overkill. ;o)

Blessings from my eager-for-summer kitchen to yours,


  1. Then grab a chair on the porch..sip and chat to your bestie.
    You remind me regularly how awesome visits with you are and the added delicious benefits to boot! Missin you!

  2. Steve just asked me tonight when you and Matt would be in town again! We're all missing you. My porch just isn't the same without you!!