Friday, May 31, 2013

Sharing the Work Load

As I've mentioned, incredibly busy these days. Yesterday we had a culinary victory. We pulled off a team effort for dinner!

To be fair, we always cook together, but usually while I'm supervising. But last night, I came home to a great dinner after working late. I was impressed! My husband is a good cook in his own right, but yesterday he was trying to learn some of my techniques, which I was helping him with via text and email.

I got up early and stewed a chicken in the pressure cooker.
While I was gone to work, hubby turned that cooked chicken into shredded chicken and gravy (with carrots!) He had never made a roux before, and did a great job.
Noelle made homemade whole wheat biscuits for the first time...they were perfect.
Seth got home in time to be the clean up crew and put the kitchen back together.

That's the kind of help I could get used to!

In a couple of weeks my schedule will slow considerably, and I plan to get back to blogging. Looking forward to it!

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