Monday, July 30, 2012

Spicy Citrus Grilled Corn

Let me start by apologizing for the dark picture. By the time I realized how much we loved this new recipe, there was one ear of corn left and I had to get a pic quickly before it got devoured!

So I'm in Sam's with my daughter and her fiancé a week or so ago, and while we're looking at other items, I can hear the dialog on the televisions in the next section over. Now I cannot see the tv, so I have no idea who the chef was, or any specifics. But the recipe he mentioned sounded worth trying.

I tried to find the recipe, but found TONS of recipes for it. None of them agreed on the seasonings. All of them involved leaving the corn husks on (because apparently, that's how you grill corn.) Well my dad always did it that way too, but I hate messing with charred corn husks. So, in true Leni fashion, I threw out the rule book and decide to try it my own way. This was a collaboration between me, my husband and so-close-to-the-wedding-we're-almost-giddy-son-in-law. They did the cooking, I gave direction and advice. We make a pretty amazing team, let me tell you!

Suffice it to say, I don't think we'll ever eat regular corn again. We're already preparing for cold weather, trying to figure out how we could make a similar dish in the oven with frozen corn.

Leni's Notes:
~We used Extra Hot Indian Chili Powder. It's hot. So if you use regular chili powder, you won't get the same kick, but that might be a good thing. ;o)
~Extra lime juice will cut down the heat of the chili, so keep some on the table for folks to adjust the spiciness of their corn.
~Don't shy away from that charred look on the corn. It gave it some amazing flavor.
~This has a little kick, but is not overwhelming. Young children might not like it. (Though mine would have liked it at a young age.)
~Might I suggest putting out some wet washcloths on the table? This is a messy one, which is a sign of a good food in our house.

12 ears of corn

3/4 C salted butter
3 tsp. chili powder (see note above,) adjust to personal taste
1 Tbsp lime juice, plus extra for the table

~Peel all of the corn, place in a large enough stock pot to allow you to cover it with water.
~Cover with water and turn on high. The idea is to get it good and steamy, not necessarily boiling. I suggest turning it on and then going out to get the grill ready, we cooked the sausage while the corn heated up.
~In a small pan, melt butter and mix in the chili powder and lime juice.
~When the corn is good and hot and soaked, (maybe 20-30 min) pull out with tongs and place on grill over low flame.
~Immediately start basting the corn with the butter mixture. Turn, baste, wait, repeat.
~When it starts to get charred, you're about done. The amount of time it takes will depend entirely on how hot your flame is. ;o)
~Let cool slightly before serving, it improves the flavor.


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