Tuesday, March 21, 2006

ChanceLee Chicken

Better known as Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken, we affectionately renamed it for a small guest in our home. While everyone else was begging for dessert, little ChanceLee, baby cheeks glowing, begged her mama to get the chicken back out of the fridge so she could have more. Who could resist a request like that?

Making this tonight for a family that's been sick.

Chicken pieces-enough to feed your family-legs, thighs etc.
1 cup packed brown sugar
2/3 cup vinegar
1/4 cup lemon-lime soda
2-3 Tbls. minced garlic
2 Tbls. soy sauce
1 tsp. pepper (regular black or cayenne)

Place chicken in crockpot. Mix all remaining ingredients and pour over chicken. Cook on low for 6-8 hours. Serve over rice or noodles. You can thicken the juices after cooking with a little cornstarch. If using cayenne pepper, it gives dish a szchewan flavor.

ONE NOTE: This is great done in the oven, but if you use the crock pot, you MUST give it the full amount of time, because it takes a LONG time, and no one wants undercooked chicken!


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